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How to taste Palinka

The basics of tasting

  1. optimal temperature

  2. appropriate shape and size of the glass

  3. adequate servicing time

Breaking away from traditional customs of palinka consumption, we highly recommend enjoying a good quality palinka at any time of the day, accompanied by a meal with similar flavors or even as an appetizer before dining. There are three basic rules to follow during palinka consumption.


The ideal temperature for consuming palinka is between 16-19°C. Storing this esteemed beverage at a cooler temperature masks its authentic flavor, while warmer temperatures can lead to the rapid evaporation of flavor compounds and overpowering alcohol vapor. The consumption temperature is optimal when the fragrances can fully develop in the glass, enhancing our enjoyment. The choice of glassware is also crucial. An ideal glass resembles the shape of a tulip, with a bellied bottom and narrowing towards the top, facilitating the concentration of aromas towards the nose. The unique shape of the glass not only enhances the alcohol character but amplifies palinka's fruity traits. Simply tilting, moving, and gently swirling the glass allows us to detect its enticing aroma immediately.

Given the volatility of palinka, the serving time is crucial. Minimizing the time between filling and serving the glass is essential to ensure maximum freshness and flavor. Ideally, this interval should be a maximum of a few minutes to fully appreciate the palinka's complex bouquet.

Order of Palinka tasting


Begin by examining the clarity and color of the palinka. A clear and luminous appearance is indicative of quality.


Refrain from drinking the palinka immediately; take slow sips to appreciate its flavor profile fully. Allow the Palinka to coat your entire mouth, savoring the taste of the fruit on your tongue. A good quality palinka should exhibit a pleasant alcoholic softness in the throat and leave a lingering aftertaste of the fruit, indicating its superior quality.

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Keep it in the palm

Hold the glass in the palm of your hand for a few moments. This not only allows you to gauge the temperature of the palinka but also enhances the sensory experience, especially if you feel a pleasant chill.

Dry test

Before testing a glass of palinka, it is recommended to conduct a dry test using an empty glass. Place the empty glass in your palm, cover it with your other hand for a few seconds, and then smell it again. If the palinka is genuine, you will unmistakably smell a fruit fragrance.


Bring the glass to your nose and take a deep sniff to capture the aroma of the palinka. If the scent isn't immediately discernible, gently swirl the glass to release more of the palinka's fragrance. Avoid excessive movements, as the alcoholic vapor should naturally dominate over the fruit traits.


When tasting palinka, it's essential to proceed with gradualness. Start by exploring the less pronounced flavors before delving into the stronger ones. This approach allows you to experience the complexity of palinka's flavor profile and appreciate its nuances.

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