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Exhibited products

Fruit-Bedded Aged Pálinka

The origin of the product family name stems from the production process itself. The distilled fruit pálinka with 80% alcohol content is aged on two types of fruit beds for a minimum of 12 months. The aging process on fresh and dried fruits imparts the defining color, flavor, and sweetness, making flavors even more harmonious than those of traditional Hungarian pálinka. The taste of Double-aged pálinkas is slightly sweet or tangy, without added sugars, containing only sugars extracted from the fruit, fruit acids, and colors. The distinct color, flavor, and sweetness of Double-Bedded pálinkas are attributed to the components extracted from the fruits, which may vary from vintage to vintage.

Our company's unique development is fruit-bedded pálinka aged on fresh and dried fruit beds. For distillation, we use a minimum of 12 kg of fruit per liter and an additional 6 kg of dried and fresh fruit for aging. This technology further enhances the beloved soft, creamy, fruity flavor profile of aged pálinkas, creating an unparalleled flavor experience. Although the product is carefully filtered at the end of production, prolonged stillness may cause fruit residues to settle at the bottom of the bottle. Hence, the term "UNFILTERED" is indicated on the product label, along with the designation "UNFILTERED pálinka."

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